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“Our caregiver was absolutely the best: caring, loving, she has a very special way about her. I’m still in contact with her because she is someone I want in my life.”

Q. What are the benefits of private duty care in the home?

A. There are many benefits, including:

  • Promoting the recovery of the senior in the comfort of their own home.
  • Reducing the cost of health care by avoiding expensive hospital or nursing home stays.
  • Reducing stress by relieving the family of many duties and responsibilities associated with being a full time caregiver.
  • Encouraging a healthy attitude and boosts morale by enabling seniors to reach the highest levels of physical, mental and emotional potential.
  • Allowing seniors to enjoy life by avoiding institutional separation.


Q. How do you select your caregivers?

A. All of Elder Bridge's caregivers are interviewed in person and must meet our guidelines for employment. The guidelines include a minimum of two years prior experience as caregivers for the elderly or a CNA certificate. Before a caregiver is employed with Elder Bridge the caregiver must pass a competency exam and all caregivers must annually take eight hours of training through Elder Bridge. In addition, the caregivers must have references that support their experience and character and be able to communicate effectively with the client and family members.

Q. How are your caregivers screened?

A. In addition to the reference checks and experience requirements, all caregivers are checked for criminal record and if they are listed on the sexual offenders’ registry. In addition, Elder Bridge checks the Illinois health care workers registry to make sure the individual is in good standing. Only caregivers who pass these screens are used by Elder Bridge. Finally, all caregivers must submit proof of identity and eligibility for employment within the United States.

Q. How are your caregivers supervised?

A. One of Elder Bridge's owners is a Registered Nurse who is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of each caregiver. Before any caregiver is placed, the caregiver is instructed on the company's policies and procedures, safety issues within the home, and guidelines for emergency response. Before placement with a senior, the caregiver receives instructions on that specific assignment. Each caregiver is then responsible for filling out and returning a copy of the care activity sheet that documents the care provided according to the clients care plan.

Q. Are the caregivers covered by insurance?

 A. Elder Bridge provides liability and workers compensation insurance for its caregivers. In addition, the caregivers are bonded for theft. A copy of these policies is available upon request.

Q. Are we committed to a minimum number of hours or days?

A. Elder Bridge provides both hourly and live-in (24 hour) care. For hourly services, we require that the client agree to a minimum block of 4 hours for each scheduled assignment. Elder Bridge is committed to providing only the services that are needed. As a result, the client is not required to commit to any fixed number of days.

Q. Will the same caregiver be assigned to us?

A. Elder Bridge is focused on meeting the needs of its clients and seniors. In order to maintain continuity of service, each senior will be assigned one caregiver. However, there will be occasions (vacations, family emergencies, and sickness) when another caregiver may be placed with the senior. In addition, the senior's condition may require the use of multiple caregivers. If this is required, Elder Bridge will work with the client to minimize disruptions in the continuity of the senior's care. If a situation arises that you become dissatisfied with your caregiver, we will work with you to find another caregiver as soon as possible.

Q. Do you have on-call staff for emergencies?

A. While each caregiver has been provided guidelines for emergency situations, Elder Bridge provides on-call access to staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you. If a caregiver fails to show because of sickness or emergency, the on-call staff will assist you in arranging coverage for the senior. 

Q. Do you provide respite care services?

A. Elder Bridge often assists families by providing short term relief to the family's primary caregiver.

Q. Are caregiver services covered by insurance?

A. Medicare and traditional supplemental insurance policies do not cover our services. However, many long term care insurance policies do cover our services and often pay a portion of the rate charged. Elder Bridge can assist you in filing these long term insurance claims.

Q. Why shouldn't we hire a caregiver on our own?

A. If you were to hire a caregiver privately and on your own, the client or the responsible family member would be required to perform the following duties and activities: 1) filing payroll (federal and state) tax liabilities; 2) performing employment verification functions; and 3) providing insurance coverage for General Liability, Workers Compensation, and caregiver bonding. Without these insurance coverage, the family is financially at risk for workers compensation payments and liability damages. Elder Bridge performs all of these activities at no extra charge to the client.

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